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Our amazing Crystal Light Bed uplifts your health and wellbeing.

What takes place during a Crystal Light Session?

As soon as your session time begins a team of Enlightened Angels and your Higher Self activate the room and bring the Crystal Light chamber around you.

They then connect with your energy body and physical body to relax you. The Angels and crystals support you to be receptive and then you begin to receive the highest potential Divine Energy in accordance to your true need and personal intention. Your Higher Self over lights every session.

Coloured lights, chosen to match the vibrational frequency of chakra colours, radiate light and divine energy through 7 crystals above you. These shine on and off in specific rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align your energies.

Most clients find themselves going into a deep state of rest or sometimes sleep. You may experience mild sensations in your physical body. Towards the end of the session all the Divine Energy you have received is balanced and harmonised. This supports you to be grounded and easily integrate each session.

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Crystal Light Bed - Nambucca Heads

Your Higher Self and the Angels deliver the highest potential divine healing and activation of your energy.

Supporting you to receive in our sacred healing space in Nambucca Heads will be...

  • A special etheric energy chamber of either Healing Light, Activation Light or Acceleration Light that will activate around you

  • A team of Enlightened Angels delivering divine light and love energies aligned with your intention and your highest need

  • Several Clear Quartz Vogel Crystals positioned above the bed, that will have coloured light pulsed through them to energise and purify your physical and energy bodies

  • Many large activated crystals underneath the bed that hold and uplift you

  • Sacred activated art on the walls

  • Gentle sound or music (optional)

The 3 Divine Energy Chambers

As the enlightened team of Angels visit you during a session your Higher Self guides them as to what type of Light chamber is needed by you. The Healing Light Chamber, Activating Light Chamber or Acceleration Light Chamber.

The Healing Light Chamber

If you receive the Healing Light this will:

  • Illuminate, open, clear and balance your chakras, etheric bodies and adjoining energetic pathways.
  • If there is any auric field repair from trauma and/or drug and alcohol exposure that is needed, this will be started and then continues in any future session.
  • This will create your health and wellbeing to stabilise
  • If you have significant physical, emotional, mental challenges then you may require 3 to 9 sessions to experience a shift.

The Activating Light Chamber

If you receive the Activating Light this will:

  • Strengthen and expand your capacity to hold and ground a consistent current of Light as you move through life.
  • This Light will be activating your consciousness to shift out of old paradigms and awaken your inner guiding light.
  • Brain re-patterning will take place to support the integration of any higher light bodies. Your lower mind is supported to let go of it’s linear way of thinking and expand more into your multi-dimensional divine mind.

The Acceleration Light Chamber

If you receive the Acceleration Light this will:

  • Develop and build your capacity to receive greater amounts of light that feed into the pathways and bodies that form your auric or energy field; and stabilises your pillar of light.
  • This will assist with the integration of higher light frequency and light bodies
  • Support you to gracefully align to your divine purpose.
  • Advanced brain re-patterning can take place as you move through higher initiations on your spiritual path
  • Supports all forms of walk-in integration (Soul exchange, Higher Self walk-ins…)

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