How To Make Your Home Energy More Positive

By March 1, 2017 Guides

We love hearing how passionate you are about your home, work or creative space that Bless My Life and the Angels is supporting.

“Its just one less thing I have to do or think about in my week” Mareesha, Bless My Home customer

“The energy in the house is transformed” Evelyne, Bless My Home customer

“Your angel blessings are working, cleaning out the polarity and bringing through more light” Kate, Bless My Home customer

“My home and office feel lighter and it feels good to be in these spaces” Heidemarie, Bless My Home and Bless My Space customer

Keen to create even more positive energy in their space, we are regularly asked:

What can I also do to make the energy in my space more positive?

You may remember our guide called 10 Ways to Clear the Energy in Your Home. In it were ways to clear and improve the energy in your home. And while you can still take on these suggestions, we thought this question of ‘how to make your home energy more positive’ would be helpful to you.

Let’s first take a look at the concept of making energy, positive or negative. Looking around the room that you are in while reading this post you can see all of the physical things that make it up. However, what you can’t see with your physical eyes is the space around you is full of invisible energy.

What you or others have been doing, thinking, experiencing in the space since it was last cleared/cleansed/balanced has created energy that will be sitting in the space around you. Your eyes can’t see this energy but your feeling and intuitive senses can. And in a very subtle or overt manner you are affected by it.

At the positive end of the energy spectrum it can feel light and clear, affecting you to feel inspired to create something positive or beautiful, invigorated, motivated, happy, relaxed, at peace etc.

At the negative end of the energy spectrum it can feel dense like there is no air in the space, affecting you to feel sluggish, unmotivated, difficulty in focusing or concentrating, uncomfortable or unhappy in the space, or even depressed.

Back to the room around you – what has been going on in it?

Has there been lots of loving conversation, uplifting music, laughter and positive creative actions?

Or lots of TV watching of critical, dramatic or violent nature, arguments or angry conversations?

Perhaps a mix of these things?

As you get a sense of what takes place in the room, you can also start to understand whether the space contains a higher balance of positive or negative energy on a regular basis.

By making the space around you more positive you are directly raising the vibration of the energy of the space.

It comes down to making the mix of experiences in your space more positive. When the vibration of energy in the space is continuously raised any negative energy dissolves quickly.

So back to the question, what can you do to make the energy in your space more positive? Try adopting adopting some of these on a regular basis:

  • Play music or sing music that is bright, positive and / or sacred
  • Have loving conversations with others, say the Love word more and more
  • Be kinder in your thoughts about yourself and others
  • Forgive others, forgive yourself
  • Have fun in the space
  • Hold and say positive intentions about things you want to do or make or see
  • As part of a meditation practice, connect into your inner heart space and intend to send love and rainbows of light from your heart space into the physical world around you, bathing it with the infinite well of love and spectrums of light that exists within you
  • Do playful things in the space
  • When a disagreement, argument or dramatic experience takes place, make it an important point to find resolution, forgive and bring harmony to the situation without too much delay
  • Declutter the space of those things that don’t bring you joy, contentment and peace
  • Put on your walls images and art that promote beauty, peace, love, the positive, the divine
  • Do things that positively empower yourself or others

Don’t forget to revisit that list of 10 Ways To Clear The Negative Energy In Your Home for more ideas.

Once you start delving into all the positive things you could do to make the energy in the space around you more positive, the process of making the space filled with more positive energy becomes easier. And your list becomes truly endless.

Let us know your tips for creating more positive energy in your space.

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