Bless My Space – Results Exceeding Expectations…

We received an update from a client about his Bless My Space services that we would like to share with you…

Matt has two Bless My Space Extra subscriptions to meet his different types and locations of work.

One subscription supports Matt’s busy corporate office space where he engages in project based work.

The second subscription is for a multi-room wellness centre, The Centre at 44 Edward St, Sydney, Australia. Both spaces are a hub for people coming and going. Yet the work done in each of these spaces is very different.

Matt shared his experiences so far of having Bless My Space Extra for these two very different spaces.

“For the Corporate space I’ve implemented multiple high-pressure projects since receiving these blessings and felt my work space has been so supported which has supported me. Each of my projects has exceeded expectation!!

For The Centre, clients have commented about the stillness and peace they experience when they visit our wellness centre. They enjoyed coming before but enjoy it even more. I have also experienced greater clarity when working with clients, which has assisted me in supporting and holding space for them!!”

You can read more about Bless My Space for business here.