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This transmission is very appropriate right now, as each of us seeks to raise our energy in line with the higher energies brought in by the Age of Aquarius. There is no better place to start changing the physical world for the better than with our personal relationships. Once we raise our consciousness in this way, the physical world will reflect our advancement and we can step into our power and begin to co-create the new, improved Age we all desire.

Regarding Divine Harmony For Your Relationships

I was aware that my chakras were activated particularly my hand chakras felt like they were being stroked or tickled.I occasionally felt waves of bliss and love.On day 3 I awoke from a dream a vision of a beautiful garden of wondrous wild flowers beautiful and so delicate in nature and such colours of the softest lemons and gentle baby pinks among the long creamy green grass.... its beauty almost taking my breath away... I am in this garden. I must let you know that since receiving this program last year a strong renewed bonding has taken place with an estranged family member bringing much joy to my being..... Thank you once again Saajz for your assistance in making this happen! Much love to you and your family.

Divine harmony

This was such a beautiful blessing. I slept so deeply which is mostly not the case. I opened my eyes and felt so much peace and gratitude. I felt joyful and grounded.
Thank you for this amazing blessing.

7 Day Relationship Harmony

What a beautiful process and healing. The energy feels so much lighter, relationships are flowing, thoughts are clearer, more relaxed and joyful.

Divine harmony for your relationships

Everything has flowed this week in comparison to what it is like normally even in these challenging times. Divine intervention ❤️

Divine Harmony for Relationships

Feeling more deeply connected to everyone and more self confident.

great support of peace and love

Thanks a lot for the great peace and love received. I could feel it and all my family also. I was in a mental mood at the beginning and this all disapeared fully and I feel great peace now. Full gratitude and love.

Amazing energy!

I am a hypersensitive when it comes to energy and I must say that I literally felt the energetic transmission of this service from Saajz and his whole team. I can feel different presence working on me and of course it is still too early to tell as of the effects but I can already feel a certain lightness and ease in my interaction with others and I know this is one of the good effect of the session. I highly recommend Saajz for all his work and I am definitely planning to get different sessions from him and his team. Thank you so much! Such a blessing. Blessed be!

Wonderful Process! Greatly smoothed out my relationships.

Saajz's Divine Healing for Your Relationships course was a lovely experience. I felt the energy quite strongly for the first few days; it was clearly and gently smoothing out my experience and all my relationships. I even found that I could talk directly to the angels and emissaries that were overlighting the program and make specific requests of them. The energy was wonderfully gentle and greatly supportive; I look forward to doing many more of these with Saajz!

Divine Love for your Mental Body

I would like to share that this meditation was so beautiful and relaxing. After listened to it my mind was at peace, feeling supported by all the divine love and many angels and with so much trust that everything that was happening right now in my life was in Divine order. I do recommend strongly the work of Saajz and Zalia. Thank you very much. Blessings

Solstice Blessings & more

I am always so grateful when I sign up for an Activation or Blessing, with Bless my life. I feel so supported, aligned and nourished by the divine frequencies of Light.
This allows me to go even deeper in meditation, relaxation and receiving. Thank you !

Activate My Solstice

Love the extra energetic support during this very special time in the spiritual year, Thank you both so much!

Activate my Solstice

Such wonderful support! Really assisted me to open to higher frequencies with ease! I am deeply grateful!


Beautiful presence for this very special activation! I love these occasions and this just adds the most beautiful Energy to align me with everything that I need!
Thank you
Love and Light

This is such a sacred work and received so many gifts from my higherself & enlightened beings. It allows me to connecting to a deeper level in all parts of my being and just open to receiving. Felt very blessed & in deep gratitude, thank you Saajz.

Solstice 21

Such intense energies shifting and changing polarities allowing change and release of old energies no longer needed refreshed and renewed ready for the pathway ahead 🌈💗💜

Peace and Calm

Dear Bless My Life Angels... Thank you for enhancing the wonder of the Solstice. This session was and is uplifting and enlightening,. Thank you for all you do in service to the Light. My life has certainly been enriched by your sessions. Blessings in love, light, grace and ease

Crystal Light Session
Bernadette K.
Crystal Light Session

Very powerful experience ! First I just felt like i was held in a soft cocoon, then I must have drifted of into another dimension. I woke up a few minutes after the session finished and was completly overwhelmed, found getting up and walking a challenge the energies were that strong so I just lay down and fell asleep. Not sure what happened, but it was strong and today I feel a lot lighter and my face is glowing :-) ! A big thank you.

Body transformation

A highly alert time allowing the body to be renew and treated with resonance and feeling so much light within and without infusing me with much needed energy . Becoming very peaceful and calm within 2 days blessings of thanks . 😇💗💜🌈

Deepen your receiving activation

This program was divine and great for me. I find it’s so important to have a balance in life between giving and receiving and this divine support certainly helped me to be more in balance within me and with Source. With all the shifts happening atm is critical to be open and grateful to receive the amazing support that it is being given to us. Thank you Saajz and the teams for this beautiful support. Love and blessings, SS

Divine love for the mental body

So grateful to Saajz and the teams for this transmission. Very high vibrational and perfect for this times of personal and collective emotional shifts and clearings. I feel more at peace now and more connected to my heart. I’ll listen to this again soon. Totally recommend it. Thank you. Love and blessings, SS

Divine love for the mental body

Loved it. The sacred language was amazing. It was so timely perfect for my life as I was having a very active mind lately and I felt the peace and expansion after the transmission.
I am very grateful to Saajz and the teams for this divine clearing, uplift and upgrade for my mental body. Love and blessings, SS.

Divine love for ascension

So grateful to have been able to receive this divine and high vibrational transmission at this important time of the eclipse. The sacred language was amazing and it took me very deep. Thank you Saajz and the teams for this support with my ascension path. Love and blessings, Shimara.

Divine Love for Your Ascension

A deep beautiful immersion into Mother Gaia connecting to the enlightened masters and Divine Mother feeding the body with the most beautiful light. Receiving light language and healing into the light body and melting into the light feeling loved and restored.

I want to give thanks in deep gratitude to Saajz for this profound healing work. I did the physical, emotional, mental bodies previously and in addition the spiritual body. The healing definitely works on all levels of my being and it still does today. I am opening more to receive.