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Thank you Saajz & Zalia.

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Wonderful Seven Day Journey

Thank you so much once again for a really beautiful Healing over seven days!
Each day was lovely to receive an email to let me know what was going to come that night. The timings always are perfect and in these crazy days even more appreciated. Thank you to all of you
Love Light and Laughter

Catherine ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Beautiful Golden Christ Consciousness

I could feel so much peace and calmness in my body when I woke up in the morning. There was an unexpected stressful situation during this week and I believe it was divine timing thst I received the week of healing.
Thank you always for your healings.๐Ÿ™

Golden Christ Consciousness

Absolutely loved the 7 days of healing. I felt much lighter in my mind and energy bodies. Healing whilst you go about your day to day task suits a busy mums lifestyle! Thanks for the continue blessings ๐Ÿ™

Gratitude for supporting energies!

Thank you..for needing lots of extra Christ Consciousness for helping me forgive..accept. And let go.

Thank you so much for offering this amazing support

This program allows for me to receive energetic support that I can feel the effects of in my daily life. It is the perfect support for times when I am too busy to meditate everyday. Thank you so much - these are powerful and amazing xxx

big shift

A big shift is happening in my live. There is self-love und self-worthiness more integrated inside now and leeds to loving relationships with family, friends an in working places. There are some issues with working places, were there is 3D and fearbased enegies, that they do not wont me to work there or also I do not wont to work there anymore. So in the nearest future I need some new solutions for my working life. I am trustful that new chances will show up soon. Wtih love and blessings and a big thanks from my heart to the Bless My Life Angels, Saajz & Zalia.

love and peace

Thanks to all the teams of angels for this wonderful week, full of love peace and high vibration, felt day and night. I'm full of gratitude for this.

Felt positively illuminated

During this program, there were times I felt positively illuminated. When I closed my eyes to got to sleep, I was surrounded by sparkling, comforting, supportive light and of course I heard over and over again, you are positively glowing!

I am Blessed.

I love doing this everytime it's offered. Really helps me on my path.

With gratitude

Very nice energy and activation. Thank you!

Such a precious gift this program

Wow. This program was so timely and perfect for this equinox. The transmissions were amazing, with so much divine and high vibrational sacred language. Next-level support. I felt really at ease knowing that I was receiving assistance throughout this important period and making the most of this special time. So grateful and honored to have been able to participate in this program. Thank you so much Saajz. Big hug and love xoxo

I really love these sessions. Such a gift and a blessing. They have been very supportive in my life. As soon as it starts, you can feel straight away the field around you and how much frequency you are receiving. My body and my soul have been really appreciating and enjoying the beautiful healing. Another beautiful and divine creation from Saajz and the Family of Light. So much love and gratitude. Thank you so much dear brother. Blessings xoxo

The 'Deeply Receive Love' program was divine

Wow. Such a beautiful loving program. I felt so supported and elevated by the amount of love and assistance that I was receiving daily in all areas of my life. It felt truly special. Such a blessing to receive so much love at this time of big healing and transformation. Love is such a beautiful and potent medicine. So deeply grateful for this offering. Thank you so much Saajz. I love your work. Lots of love and blessings to you and your family xoxo

The Enlighten Your Heart transmission was amazing!

I am so grateful for this beautiful transmission from Saajz. It was very high vibrational. I loved the light language. It felt so divine to receive so much support for my heart. I'll definitely be doing it again soon. Thanks brother, such a gift, amazing work.

Blessings and Infusions

I am a regular at Bless my Life and sign up for many activations. At times I feel them really strongly and sometimes it is just a subtle but very beautiful and powerful energy with infusions of love and blessings. I just love to receive them!

Ever opening

some how over the times i have worked with Saajz and Zalia and the Bless My Life angels, I have a knowing of them.. it's not tangible and nothing i can really "review" - it feels like a beautiful essence...thank you for your offerings

High energy

All my gratitude for this beautiful Equinox Higherself activation. I have felt during the whole week a high amount of energy at all time, I would wake up very early in great shape to do my Morning. During the whole week my whole body was highly vibrant and this was a great feeling. Thanks a lot to all of the teams of light.

Starry light blessings

Receiving the frequencies from this program seemed to bring extra comfort and strength to me, deep relaxation and peace

Activation connecting deeper

Gratitude for All the Divine beings connecting deeper with all of my self, with beautiful Light language mp3!

Crystal Light Session

Today, as always, I woke up feeling happy and supported after my Crystal Light Session. I keep a list of the personal intentions I include in every Activation Prayer and can report that progress is manifesting :)

Time for change

A very activated time of letting go many old memories surfacing to be released and a new level of frequency coming in to assist in bringing work into being for assisting in peopleโ€™s lives and lifting the heavy feeling from their beings a time of much wonder . Blessings and thank you Love Saiโ€™ ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒˆ

Equinox Higher Self Activation

I could feel the connection to my Higher Self, deepening, becoming more apart of me in my daily life. I also woke up each morning with a Vision of either the Angels or a symbolic picture of my connection. Last morning, it was a giant tree with roots, a spiral staircase and the bright colors of the sunrise!

Enlighten Your Heart

We are often better at giving than receiving, and vice versa. This wonderful healing balances the acts of giving and receiving so we can perform both with grace. I certainly noticed a difference in my attitude following the session.

Timely and divine

Thank you for the incredible gift of these blessings. The offer is always timely for my needs as if i have singled out to receive. I felt cocooned and nourished in the gentle heart-felt energies. They also brought a heightened awareness and reminders daily of how the flow of gifting and receiving is reciprocated in the most beautiful heart-felt way. Thank you Saajz and Zalia and the Bless My Life Angels.xx

Heart Expansion

Peaceful deep chamber of Love and Grace very still and centered with a deep refreshing rest after my heart feeling still not fluttering expanded healing through my being . Many thanks Sai ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’—