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Divine Abundance

This activation has stayed with me. The peace and understanding I received has left me calm and accepting of all. It opened up my heart, my eyes and my mind and continues to blossom. I am grateful. Thank you. As we give we receive. As we receive we give. Namaste

Lots of peace and abundance

Full gratitude for these wonderful blessings. I had lots of moments of deep peace last week and it was great. I had also lots of inexpected wins in my professional life :-)

Pure love and vibration

Full gratitude for this support. I felt a wave of love and vibration that has not left me since.

Beautiful healing

Im grateful to receiving this program. It has definitely enlightened and shifted the many levels of my heart. Such warmth and grace from the angels of light, thank you.


A very gentle and beautiful Experience 💜💜💜✨💜

Expérience de l'équinox!!!

An incredible experience, which allows us to move forward on our magnificent path of evolution...Thank you so much.

So grateful for this great program. I loved the activation done on the Equinox. I loved the light language and it felt very powerful. So beautiful to receive this support at this important time of the year. So grateful to Saajz and the teams for this divine offering, Blessings xoxo

Equinox Magic

This was a great way to be activated daily to my higher self . I felt very supported to get clear connection with my higher self guidance
Bless you and Thankyou Zalia and Saajz for this amazing activation for equinox
Much love 💕 Jezka

Connected and uplifted

Felt rejuvenated, grounded, and connected to my Higher Self!

Getting clearer, wonderful energetic support

This is one of my favorite sessions.
Regularly receiving, more and more, I feel less ‘heavy’. I used to constantly feel ‘down’ and less so these days. Thank you! It helps to get the clearing


Beaucoup d’émotion en lien avec le passé, les choix, pas simple mais dans l’air du temps. J’avance

Moment of clarity

Thanks for this amazing support, I felt in a cocoon of love and clarity the whole week. All was so clear and deep in my actions and still is the case. Full gratitude

Equinox Higher Self Activation

Such a powerful healing to receive from the enlightened chambers of light and the angels/archangels. I’m grateful to receiving what is needed for me at this time in collaboration with my higherself. Blessed be 💜

peace and love all around

Thanks a lot for this great support in all my relationships. I could see love around and peace in all relationship as soon as the program started. Fulll gratitude.


A wonderful feeling of being empowered and speaking up in relationships for my needs
And being heard . Wonderful feelings 🌈😂love and Grace thanks 💐

Divine Blessings

I am in deep gratitude to receiving the many gifts and healing from this 7 day program. I felt nourished on all levels and will continue to process the healing onwards. Such a precious gift from to receive from oneself. Thank you 😊

Definite difference ❤️

I can honestly say I felt a definite difference with this program, even the difficult relationships I had more compassion and understanding of the individual and where they are on their journey through this lifetime, as with all your programs the amazing sense of peace…

Deeply receive love

Feeling so much more centered in my heart! I can tell my emotions are more balanced. Thank you to the bless my life team for a wonderful program!

Full love and joy

Thanks for this amazing time of love and support . I could feel being cocooned and loved during the whole programm and this has not left me. Full gratitude for this.

Deeply receive live

There have bern many things happening in my life emotionally and physically. Since receiving all this love I am feeling very peaceful and serene. I’ve been sleeping all night and I’m the mornings I’m up early and looking forward to the day. This has not been this way in a long time.
I’m filled with love and gratitude for all I have been given.

Love Received 💜

We give great gratitude 🙏 for all the love we received over the past 7 days . We felt held and could sense the support throughout the 7 days . Life is challenging presently so this truly felt like we were being deeply held . Thankyou to all the emissaries and Zalia and Saajz for all the love received on many levels of our being 🙏💜


I feel very balanced and stable knowing I’m moving forward in my true direction such a huge relief to trust all thst I receive 🌈💜😇💐

Always amazing.

Thanks. Blessings to you.

Thankful for all the blessings

This is such a powerful activation I do every year and I am very grateful for all I have received within the 8 days program.

Thank you Saajz and the team !

Loins Gate

Felt energized, grounded. All positive energy that supported the transformation I am going through since March. Thank you 🌠