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My Christmas and New Year was Truly Blessed

The festive season has felt a little lonely in recent times due to the Covid effect. But I was very pleased this year to be spending lots of time with friends and family over the holiday period - more even than pre-Covid! The company was convivial and the Christmas fare delicious. I am particularly pleased because this is likely to be my husband's last Christmas (he has terminal cancer), so my memories of this time, and those of my two sons and their families, will be happy ones. Thank you Saajz, Zalia and the Bless My Life Angels for sprinkling angel dust on our festivities and keeping our spirits high.

Bless my life

So blessed it’s was great. So grateful

Rainbow 🌈 Magic

My Christmas 🎄 and New Year holiday in a house felt extra special with the blessings received!!! Gratitude 🙏 for all we received especially the rainbow 🌈 over the house on New Years morning 💜🙏🥳


J’ai ressenti beaucoup d’énergie. Au début j’ai ressenti mes résistances à lâcher prise, puis j’ai été enveloppée d’une douce énergie qui m’a apaiser et l’énergie non résolue à pu relâcher et me permettre une compréhension profonde pour faire les prochaines étapes. Merci

Solstice program

Wonderful energetic support during the solstice period. Could feel myself receiving the energies. So grateful to the teams and Bless My Life for this beautiful program.

Solstice Magic

Receiving the activation for 3 days over the solstice is a way of feeling truly held by the emissaries with Saajz and Zalia 🥰 Truly grateful 🙏💜

New energetic space

I do many of the Bless My Life programs but always do the equinox and solstice programs. This energies of this solstice affected me very deeply and after listening to Saajz’s recording, it felt like I was catapulted to an entirely new energetic space. I love these programs and they have helped me tremendously.

Solstice Activation

I have not been feeling or sleeping well fir some time.
I slept deeply through the night and was very rested and peaceful when I woke up. I so grateful to receive these beautiful healings.
Thank you 🙏

Solstice Activation

I really felt this enhanced my solstice preparations, experience and intentions 🙏🏻 your programs always balance me with incredible peace thank you and bless you

Merci merci merci pour votre accompagnement depuis quelques temps déjà.

I Am so grateful to Saajz and the Teams for this amazing offering. It felt great to be so supported at this important time of the year. The meditation was incredible w light language that touched me deeply. Thank you so much xoxo

Excellent feeling 🥰

Loved the chanting. Felt like something was happening. Felt very calm and relaxed. More peaceful. Blessed by all angels and archangels. Thankyou Saajz for making this possible. Even my kids did it. Very grateful to you for bringing this to our family. Happy holidays and merry Christmas. 🙏♥️

Activate My Solstice

What I experienced during the three day period was an incredible deep rejuvenating sleep where I awoke to be a powerhouse of focused energy which I was able to apply and direct to accomplish physical tasks with much gusto and ease... and got my household in order.... what a pleasure and feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment ! So grateful to Saajz, Zalia and the Bless My Life Angels.


Thank you for such beautiful and gentle energy 💜💜💜

Full energy

Full gratitude for this amazing angelic support that brought me full energy, peace and love.

upgrade your Physical BodyS Vitality

my energy generally with the assistance of The Bless My Life Healing Angels is really good however I must share that with The Upgrade of My Physical Body Vitality I was amazed at what a powerhouse of energy and vitality I felt....the Lightness of my being and the effortlessness in movement and achievement with physical tasks.... I perform with more strength and endurance than most folk half my biological age... and an added bonus was and still is the ongoing experience of sustained joy and enthusiasm. I am delighted and deeply grateful for all I receive through the assistance of Saajz Transmissions with the Bless My Life Angels Team. Much Love to All XXX

Upgrade Your Physical Body’s Vitality

As always, Bless My Life delivered a much needed rejuvenating and restorative experience at the perfect time. My body was well and truly out of fuel following a gruelling final quarter of 2022, and the Upgrade My Body's Vitality 7-day program gave me the added fuel and energy I needed mentally and physically to make it through to the finish line. Thank you, Saajz and Zalia for your beautiful and important work that benefits so many. It is truly appreciated.

Physical Body Vitality power Pack

It was a truly wonderful experience.
Each session, the physical feeling that the energy was flowing in a new way, bringing me kindness and love.

Thank you for this wonderful gift, and this generous sharing so enriching.

Full of gratitude and beautiful energies for the whole team.


Absolutely Amazing to receive this Beautiful Energy healing into every part of me💜💜✨💜✨

My Upgrade for Physical Body’s Vitality - 7 Day Program

This Program is a blessing to Recieve such loving support from. ALL The
Holy Archangels provides all the UNIQUE FEATURES ....Like the healing
Chambers at Night...I felt so , loved and Strong Connection with Source
I Noticed a huge Boost, In my Wellness of my Immune system and Other parts of my body .my RegularPain in my body was not hurting as much as it , Normally Occurred..without.this treatment

Reduced my long term Aches and Pains .I would like to have daily extra Support like this Regularly
With my Long Term Spinal cord Injury this would help me Tremendously
I felt like I wasn't even Injured...Thank you Saajz and Zalia your Work is Soooo Amazing

Upgrade your physical body - 7 Day Program

Day one of this program as I went to sleep I felt so many sensations throughout my body and could really feel the healing presence. During the rest of the week I had times of more energy and times of tiredness. Now at the completion of the program I have had a shift in body especially my lower back and feel so much lighter! Thank you Bless My Life Angels, Saajz and Zalia 😇

Physical Body’s Vitality

I’m grateful to do the program again and felt the shift that is much needed at this time. The support, healing and much more I felt it deeply in all levels of my being, thank you.

Loads of energy and vitaly

Full gratitude for this amazing support. I was relatively tired before this support and now feel full of energy, power and all this in a very quiet and peaceful state. Thank you

Highly recommended

I highly recommend doing the “Upgrade your Physical Body’s Vitality”program. I definitely noticed a difference in how I felt and could feel the Angels working with me. It’s so wonderful to have the support of the Angelic Realm. Thank you Saajz and Zalia for this beautiful offering!

My body transformate

First of all I would like to thank you for all your very powerful meditations. I have endometriosis (so I no longer have my periods because I take a contraceptive pulule and there I have my periods) I think it's a cleaning that I welcome. I am physically exhausted, my body is telling me to stop. I have awareness and the feeling of aligning myself. THANK YOU AND LOVE