Asking the Angels for healing – Part 1

Recently a customer asked us about adding a specific focus to their Bless My Home service for their personal healing… This may be something you have thought about. If it is here is our answer to this question…

The Bless My Home service is for the energy of your home, and does not directly work upon your energy body or that of anyone else in your home. It works to create a divine supportive space to live within.

The way the Angels work with us is there is a specific commission we have together to do a very specific task. That is our contract together so to speak. So we don’t add-on things to the services like Bless My Home, as this would affect our work together and the power of the services.

However you can ask the Angels directly at any time for that which you need, and if it is within their ‘power’ they will assist you. You may have seen in this weeks Blessing of Divine Grace and Love they shared this with everyone… and an opportunity to ask for that which you need.

The Blessing of Divine Grace and Love encourages this. As it works on your energy body directly and you have given permission to receive it. You can ask each week before you read the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love (or at any other time) for that which you need. You can do this by simply saying inside or out loud “I ask for the Enlightened team who offer the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love to assist me with… [state your request]… I give thanks for this”.

Our understanding and experience is that the Angels and many other enlightened spiritual beings cannot assist you unless you ask. This is because of the Universal Law of Karma. They must have your permission to assist you… otherwise it is interference by them and this is against the Law of Karma for them (and us).

Prayer and focused intention is a very powerful thing and I recommend dedicating time to this in your life, if you are not already :)

You can subscribe to the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love for free at this link.

You can subscribe to Bless My Home at this link.