August Newsletter

This month we start by sharing with you about space… Not the outer space kind, the type of space that you create or work in… your special room.

BLESS MY SPACE… the seed of Bless My Life

When we first started preparing this newsletter we knew we wanted to share with you about how the Bless My Space service began. Then we remembered that Bless My Space was the original seed of Bless My Life.

Back in 2014, Scott had been finishing up with his corporate technology position at a global bank. He was regularly meditating with spirit, asking what was next… and received very clearly the words Bless My Space.

At the time Scott had an idea of what this was as we had both been asking our guides about our next steps in life… and our intention of building a business that we could offer to humanity.

Over the next few weeks we received the sacred commission from the Angels for Bless My Life… a long term project to create services and products for humanity and the Earth. Bless My Space was the first service they shared with us… then Bless My Home… and now many others :)

Bless My Space in our home

We both work from home and each of our offices receives the Bless My Space blessing with the Angels every week. We have found it easier for us to move through business challenges and find our way forward. We don’t linger on problems when doing our work, and we find that each day has the clarity we need… We believe our productivity and flow has increased because of this.

We have customers using Bless My Space to support and enhance their work… writers, project managers, business leaders, photographers, healers and more…

You can read more about Bless My Space Personal here:

An Easy Tip For Your Favourite Room

The energy in your favourite room can become more light or more dense through what is spoken, thought, created or played in it… and also how the objects in your room are kept.

By taking just 5 minutes each day to tidy or organize the items in your room… you will find yourself having a more positive experience when you next enter, work or play in it next.


We have a growing list of blessing services available through our website:

Bless My Home

Bless My Space – Personal

Bless My Space – Business (for larger & busy spaces)

Bless My Animals

Bless My Home For Sale

Bless My Individual Project

Bless My Meeting

Bless My Business (for the energy body of your business)

We also have services that are not on our website yet. Please write to us if you are interested in any of these:

Bless My Wedding

Bless My Birth

Bless My Event (e.g. conference, workshop, art show…)

Bless My Transition

Bless My Travel


Divine Love Sessions

Each New Moon Scott (Saajz) offers a recorded Divine Love Session with the Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Masters. These are an MP3 audio recording of an enlightened transmission of divine transformation that you can receive when ever you wish.

The next session is titled “Enlighten Your Heart” and you will receive your invitation by email early in the week. If you have not received one of these amazing sessions yet this one may be perfect for you.

New “Higher Self Connection” Personal Sessions Available Soon.

Scott (Saajz) is preparing to offer a new series of 3 personal sessions for activating your Higher Self Connection.

These will be short 45 minute audio recordings mostly of sacred sound, light language and mantra. Designed with the enlightened teams to powerfully activate your Soul and energy body, to upgrade and expand your connection with your Higher Self.

There will be a limited number offered each month and we do expect them to be popular.

If activating your Higher Self Connection more deeply sounds interesting, please reply and you can receive an early invitation from us in the next two weeks.


Thank you if you have written a review on Facebook or emailed us. It really makes a positive difference to our day ! It also helps others when choosing Bless My Life services for their life :)

Our home page now shows our latest Facebook reviews. We have also been adding more of the amazing feedback we receive to our reviews page…

You can view it here

As always together with the Angels we look forward to bringing you our best.

All our love and blessings to you
Scott & Lee and the Bless My Life Angels.