7 Master Blessings Of Abundance

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This activation will create a graceful upgrade and expansion of abundance and the divine flow of receiving and giving through your energy body. A very easy to receive session available as an MP3 recording.

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About This Sacred Session

This activation will transmit enlightened information and light codes of divinity to you, for a powerful opening of abundance through your Earth reality.

This transmission gives you a divine opportunity to open to new levels of Abundance with:

  • The transmission of 7 Master Blessings of Abundance
  • The activation of 7 Sacred Rays
  • Receiving divine dispensations of enlightened harmonic light and love technologies
  • The activation of the divine mantra “As we Give we Receive, As we Receive we Give.”
  • The activation of the Infinity Flow Form Of Wonder
  • The absolution where possible of Karma you may hold with Finance and Resource, in accordance to your Akasha and the Divine Plan.

The 7 Master Blessings of Abundance that you will receive during this session are

  1. The Master Blessing Of Abundance For Your Health
  2. The Master Blessing Of Abundance For Your Heart
  3. The Master Blessing Of Abundance For Your Inner Connection
  4. The Master Blessing Of Abundance For Your Heart Dreaming
  5. The Master Blessing Of Abundance For Your Finance And Resource
  6. The Master Blessing Of Abundance For Your Relationships
  7. The Master Blessings Of Abundance For The Earth

As you receive the blessings, they will be activated powerfully by sacred rays from The Hearts of many Enlightened Masters, Angels, and Archangels

  • The Ray Of Divinity, Love, And Compassion
  • The Ray Of Enlightenment
  • The Ray Of Purity
  • The Ray Of Heart Radiance
  • The Ray Of Grace
  • The Ray Of Purification
  • The Rainbow Ray Of Abundance

This sacred session will open and expand your receptivity and transmission pathways deeply. This will empower your expression of giving and receiving – with yourself, all life and with Gaia.

The activation of the Infinity Flow Form Of Wonder through your energy and consciousness will support the higher awakening of the divine truth of abundance… that all is given by Source / the Unified Field Of All Life.

As these rays activate the blessings, the encoded higher consciousness is downloaded to your crystalline core / central pillar and supports you to integrate and live this truth of abundance in your reality.

If there is an imbalance in your giving and receiving this is harmonised through divine dispensations of grace, love, wisdom and many forms of harmonic light and love technologies.

Some of the dispensations you will receive during this session are:

  • Many Rays Of Enlightenment from the heart of the Great Central Sun
  • The Wheels Of Grace from the Divine Mother
  • The Harmony Elixirs, Discs and Prisms from the Pleiadian Masters Of Love
  • The 7 Golden Orbs Of Divinity from the Golden Ones of Sirius
  • The 6 Prisms of Abundance, Love, and Harmony from the emissaries of Chiron
  • The 77 Discs of Abundance And Divinity from the emissaries of the Great White Lodge
  • The 33 Solar Empowerment Discs from the Council Of Intergalactic Expansion from Alpha Centauri

Many enlightened templates and codes of light that are connected with Abundance will be given to you by your Divine Presence and spiritual lineage. Your heart gateways, creation gateways, and mind gateways will be powerfully activated.

This activation will create a graceful upgrade and expansion of abundance and the divine flow of receiving and giving through your energy body.

The enlightened council offering this session with Saajz includes the Enlightened Masters Serapis Bay, Saint Germain, and Sananda. The Divine Mother with the Karmic Board and a council of many enlightened Star Beings. Seven Angels of Abundance with seven Archangels of Abundance from the Great Central Sun, and a council of enlightened ones from the Great Central Sun.

This session will be different for you each time you receive it and can be listened to again as needed by you in the future.

May this session deeply bless you with new Abundance in all areas of your life with ease and grace.

33 Days Of Divine Assistance

For 33 days after this session a team of Enlightened Emissaries will be assisting you to integrate and ground all that you received.

How Will You Receive This Session

You will receive the recording immediately after purchase.

This email will have more information about this session and a link to an MP3 audio download.

You will need to download the MP3 file to your computer or listen to it online.

You can then listen and receive this session at a time of your choosing.

This sacred session is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of light and love languages. This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to receive direct awakenings, activations, healings, transformation, and transcension with grace and ease.

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