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These activations are a powerful tool to have in your personal healing library, and can be listened to at any time in the future… a great investment for your health and wellbeing that keeps on giving every time you return to them.

Activate My Chakras is designed by the Angels for everyone… no matter what ‘level’ you believe you are at spiritually or in life.

This program is focussed on our incredible CHAKRAS… one of the foundations of the miracle that is our human energy body.

The chakra is one of the first things we learn about when we become interested in looking after our energy. The chakras have been studied for thousands of years, and humanity now holds a general awareness of these energy and consciousness centres in our bodies.

Chakra Diagram -

Each chakra holds an energy and consciousness that affects your wellbeing and the way you meet the world.

We believe that looking after our chakras is as important as eating food and drinking water… AND…. it is best practice to purify and energise our chakras as part of maintaining our health and wellbeing.

When a chakra is open and clear, divine energy is able to move through it easily…  and the area of your life that this chakra governs flows more easily for you.

We invite you to join Saajz for a 9-week journey of powerfully purifying and activating 9 primary charkas (energy centres) that are located within your physical body.

Receiving each of these amazing sessions will create a graceful alignment to your Original Divine Blueprint through an area of your life… and in turn your reality.

The 9 chakras we will be working with, and the area of your life they govern are:

Week 1.​The Base (Root) Chakra​

Governs Your Physical Reality and Body:
Aligning your physical body, finance, home, health, diet, and Earth relationship with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 2. The Sacral Chakra

Governs Your Creative Flow and Intentions:
Aligning your intimacy, sexuality, creative flow, receptivity, and your feminine energy with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 3. The Hara Chakra

Governs Your Empowerment:
Aligning your feelings, emotions and the use of your energy and will with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 4. The Solar Plexus Chakra

Governs Your Mind and Clarity:
Aligning your thoughts, beliefs and your masculine energy with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 5. The Heart Chakra

Governs Your Love and Divine Connection With All Life:
Aligning your experience of love and connection through relationships with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 6. The Thymus Chakra

Governs Your Relationships:
Aligning your relationships, openness and embodiment of unconditional love with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 7. The Throat Chakra

Governs The Creation Of Your Reality:
Aligning your communication, creativity and the use of your higher gifts with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 8. The Brow / Third Eye Chakra

Governs Your Guidance and Vision:
Aligning your connection to your guidance, higher awareness and direction with your Divine Blueprint.

Week 9. The Crown Chakra

Governs Your Spiritual Relationships:
Aligning your spiritual connection and relationships, and your spiritual path with your Divine Blueprint.


Each week Saajz will share a new 30-45 minute MP3 recording that works deeply with a specific chakra.

The sessions are very easy to receive and are delivered via an MP3 audio recording that Saajz creates for each session.

This sacred work is offered to you by a large team of Enlightened Masters, Archangels, Angels, Enlightened Emissaries with your Higher Self and Saajz’s Divine Presence.

Every session is a powerful transmission of enlightened energy and consciousness, calibrated to your unique being.

Saajz transmits the session multi-dimensionally through sacred sound and light languages, together with specialised enlightened light and love technologies. These safely open the energetic field all around and within you.

The divine assistance offered by these sessions is Universal, and you receive the highest divine assistance each time you listen to any session.

At the end of each session, you receive a 3-day integration program from a team of seven Angels with Archangel Raphael. This team will support you to integrate and ground your newly purified and activated chakra with special divine assistance as you sleep each night.

The first session for Your Physical Reality and Body: Your finance, home, health, diet, body, and Earth connection will be released on the Full Moon 23rd November.

To be part of this first 9-week program with Saajz you need to complete your purchase by the end of the 23rd November, please.

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