Bless My Chinese New Year Celebration

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Receive 7 days of divine energy blessings from the Angels – offered  ⭐️ BY DONATION ⭐️

  • Please enter the full address of the home that you wish to receive the blessings. You will be receiving the personal blessings.

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We have been guided by the Angels to offer a special blessing for your Chinese New Year Celebration.

The 7-days of divine energy blessings are offered by the Angels from the February 4th – 10th and includes:

  • Your Higher Self and a special team of Angels will be working with you over the 7-days. This amazing Light team will be supporting you to release old thoughts and energies of 2018 Year of the Dog so you may transition gracefully into the unique abundant energies that this 2019 Year of the Pig holds.

  • A gentle continuous blessing of your energy body to gracefully balance and uplift your energy during the 7-days.

  • At any gathering you may have with family and/or friends divine energy pillars of grace, unity, truth, love, divinity, faith, joy, peace and harmony will anchor through the space. This supports the activation of love and joy for all present, and an opening of the heart connection between you all.

  • The daily blessing of your home or another location of your choice, to clear and balance the energy within that space. The Angels will be activating a very large Golden Pyramid of Divine Love and Divine Light around this location for the full 7-days.

  • Blessings and divine energy support for the family of your life who live within, or are visiting the home or space.

The divine blessings of the Angels will begin activating on February 4th for you and the physical address you nominate.

This Chinese New Year Celebration blessing is delivered by our Bless My Event service, we are delighted to be offering it ⭐️ BY DONATION.

We look forward to blessing your Chinese New Year Celebration this year, supporting you and the family of your life with amazing blessings of joy, peace, love and more…

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