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Bless My Christmas

Receive 7-days of amazing divine energy blessings from the Angels for you, your family and home from the 20th-26th December.

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The Angels are now preparing all of the amazing divine energy support for this blessing to activate for you on the 20th December.

Over the 7-days of blessings a large team of Angels and Emissaries Of Light will amplify and expand the divine energy offered to bring more love, peace, harmony and unity to you and the family of your life.

Some feedback from people who received Bless My Christmas last year…

Christmas was blessed and we joyfully had my 3 adult children home together as a family for first time in over 7 years. My daughter’s travel home went smoothly and our entire Christmas celebration was wonderful. Thank you!???

Thank you for the bless my xmas service. I could feel how it has somehow slowed me down… in being less in doing and more present in the moment. Which is not always easily done for me as a single mom with 2 kids. The kids were also less reactive and we had good time together and in our larger family :) Thanks again.

Thank you so much this was such a blessing! I have had the best Christmas ever. There were issues with the family specifically with my father but we moved through it and grew. So yes what a blessing indeed!

Thanks for sending the Christmas blessing support. I truly felt blessed. Everything has been peaceful just as I hoped.

The 7-days of divine energy blessings are offered by the Angels from the 20th – 26th December and includes:

  • A gentle continuous blessing of your energy body to gracefully balance your giving and receiving during this 7-days.

  • The daily blessing of your home or another location of your choice, to clear and balance the energy within that space.

  • Blessings and divine energy support for the family of your life who live within, or are visiting the home or space.

  • Blessings and divine energy support for the land and all life surrounding the location you choose.

  • Special heart blessings from the Angels for all family, friends, animals and the land connected with you.

  • If there is any special energy portal in the local area this will also be activated with divine blessings. Creating a great gift of divine energy for the community you live within or are visiting.

  • At any gathering you may have with family and/or friends divine energy pillars of Grace, Unity, Truth, Love, Divinity, Faith, Joy, Peace and Harmony will anchor through the space. This supports the activation of love and joy for all present, and an opening of the heart connection between you all.

  • Over the 7-days the Angels exponentially amplify the divine energy blessings each day... to bring more love, peace, harmony and unity to you and the family of your life.

This year you can “pay what you wish” ? and receive 7-days of amazing blessing energies and divine support from the Angels.

We are offering it this way to ensure as many people as possible can receive this divine gift from the Angels.

The divine blessings of the Angels will begin activating on the 20th December for you, and the physical address you nominate.

We understand if your holiday plans are not yet finalised. Please know you can change the physical address that receives the blessings at any time before the 20th December by simply writing to us.

We look forward to blessing your Christmas Holiday time this year. Supporting you and the family of your life with amazing blessings of joy, peace, love and more…

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