Bless My Thanksgiving

Receive 5 days of divine energy blessings from the Angels – offered  ⭐️  BY DONATION ⭐️


We have been guided by the Angels to offer a special blessing for the time of Thanksgiving.

PLEASE NOTE – You can still receive the 5 days of Angelic blessings even if you are not in the USA or observing Thanksgiving.

The 5-days of divine energy blessings are offered by the Angels from November 25th – 29th and includes:

  • A gentle continuous blessing of your energy body to gracefully balance your giving and receiving during this 5 days.

  • At any gatherings you may have with family and/or friends divine energy pillars of grace, unity, truth, love, divinity, faith, joy, peace and harmony will anchor through the space. This supports the activation of love and joy for all present, and an opening of the heart connection between you all.

  • The daily blessing of your home or another location of your choice, to clear and balance the energy within that space.

  • Blessings and divine energy support for the family of your life who live within, or are visiting the home or space.

  • If there is any special energy portal in the local area this will also be activated with divine blessings. Creating a great gift of divine energy for the community you live within or are visiting.

The divine blessings of the Angels will begin activating on November 25th for you and the physical address you nominate.

This Thanksgiving blessing is delivered by our Bless My Event service. A similar 5 days of blessing for you and a location would be USD 165 and we are delighted to be offering it ⭐️ BY DONATION ⭐️

We understand if your Thanksgiving plans are not yet finalised. Please know you can change the physical address that receives the blessings at any time before November 25th by simply writing to us.

We look forward to blessing your Thanksgiving time this year, supporting you and the family of your life with amazing blessings of joy, peace, love and more…

Customer Reviews

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Smooth and loving energy

Thanks for this beautiful and loving energy received during this days. I could feel my family very happy and full of love during these days and felt myself fully at peace, calm and very loving. Full gratitude to the teams of angels and to Saajz and Zalia.

Thanksgiving Blessing

All went well. We all had a wonderful time over the holiday and felt much gratitiude for everyone and everything.

Beautiful energy

I had to stay home last minute for the holiday. Thankfully, I asked for the blessing to be at my house. My immediate family and I had a lovely day. The energy was very soothing and loving. My cats even felt more comfortable, loving and playful. Thank
You 🥰