Deepen Your Receiving – 7 Day Program

This Enlightened Activation will assist you to receive more Love, Light, connection, guidance and more in your life. MP3 recording and 7 day energy support.

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This amazing 7-day program of divine assistance is offered by donation.

As you commence this program you will speak a sacred prayer of Illumination and Receptivity.

You are then asked to create an intention for your Higher Self and the Bless My Life Energy Team to focus upon. Creating your intention is easy and there will be a short “how-to” guide shared with you.

Over the 7 days you will be asked to speak your intention at least 3 times.

You are also requested during the 7 days to create a short “Digital Detox” in a way that is easy for you. A short guide is included for this also.

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The recorded session from Saajz and the Bless My Life Energy Team will be shared with you on Day 3 as a MP3 download.

This sacred session is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of Light and Love languages.

This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to RECEIVE powerful awakenings, activations, healings, and transformation with grace and ease.

The Light languages carry special frequencies and it is like thousands of Enlightened Beings speaking Sacred prayers at the same time.

Saajz you Receive…

The Pyramids Of Illumination
The Universal Laws of Love, Grace, and Reflection
The 77 Stars Of Divinity

As you listen to the audio recording Saajz the Bless My Life Energy Team will visit you in their bodies of Light.

They will infuse many Sacred Elixirs into the your charkas and Energy Body. Flooding all of you with Grace and special Divine Dispensations to gently open your Receptivity.

You will be receiving deeply within the Pyramids Of Illumination – a sacred Enlightened Spiritual Technology from Sirius that enables your Energy and Consciousness to be catalysed, transformed, and transmuted through the 12 dimensions of your Energy Body with the highest potential Ease and Grace.

As you receive within the Pyramids Of Illumination, your Soul will travel into an Enlightened Temple Of Divinity. In this Temple you will be bathed in the Violet and Ultra-Violet Flames that will purify and cleanse all of your being powerfully.

You will receive powerful waves of the Universal Laws of Love, Grace, and Reflection. Vast enlightened pillars of these 3 Universal Laws will gently come into your energy body.

As this takes place waves of Enlightened Energy and Frequency will cascade down through you Saajz, and into the Earth beneath you. Receiving these 3 Universal Laws can create a profound divine alignment through your reality, and an opportunity to step into a new view.

77 Stars Of Divinity will be brought into your Energy Body. These Stars Of Divinity hold 1000’s of different frequencies, calibrated for your Energy Body and consciousness. The Stars will travel into the Chakras and Receptivity pathways of your Energy Body, in unity with the Pyramids Of Illumination, in trinity with the 3 Universal Laws of Love, Grace, and Reflection.

These 3 dispensations – the Universal Laws, the Stars Of Divinity, and the Pyramids Of Illumination – together with a Sacred Prayer of Illumination and Receptivity that you speak at the beginning of this program, will ignite the cosmic permissions to allow Grace to do its sacred work to transform, transmute, shift, and heal.

At the end of this session Saajz and the team will be guiding you to RECEIVE something for yourself.

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Beloved heart this sacred session has a focus on all aspects, areas, and pathways through which you RECEIVE energy and consciousness.

This includes your thoughts and emotions that are connected with receiving.

As you listen to this session’s MP3 audio recording – and RECEIVE the 7-days of Divine Assistance offered – all the energetic pathways you RECEIVE through are gently yet powerfully purified, cleared, aligned, and then activated to a new level.

This upgrade will assist you if you would like to open to Receiving more of the following in your life:

Receiving more positive Universal energy
Receiving more Love
Receiving more Light
Receiving more from your Higher Self
Receiving more from those close to you
Receiving more from Humanity
Receiving more from the Angles, Archangels, Family Of Light…
Receiving more from Mother Gaia and the Earth
Receiving more from the Universe and the Unified Field of all life
Receiving more from God, Goddess, Source, Great Spirit…
Receiving more… of… everything…

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Every area of your life and inner world benefits from this Master Activation as you RECEIVE the session audio recording and the 7-days of Divine Assistance from the Bless My Life Energy Team.

For 7 days and nights the Bless My Life Energy Team will be with you, infusing you with divine energies and frequencies.

The MP3 audio recording of this session will be sent to you by email with easy and simple instructions, so you can RECEIVE the highest potential benefit from this Divine Assistance program.

This sacred session is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of Light and Love languages. This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to RECEIVE powerful awakenings, activations, healings, and transformation with grace and ease.

The Light languages carry special frequencies and it is like thousands of Beings speaking Sacred prayers at the same time.

At the end of the session we will be guiding you to RECEIVE something for yourself.

This will be very helpful for you if you are someone who finds it difficult to RECEIVE guidance or direction for your life.

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Over the 7 nights of this program Saajz special Enlightened Chambers will be activated around your body as you fall asleep at night.

These sacred chambers are offered by the Bless My Life Energy Team – a vast team of Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Emissaries and Masters. Your Higher Self will be overlighting all that takes place as you receive for up to 3 hours each night.

Each chamber has a very special focus that supports your Energy and Consciousness to release, transform and open to receiving in alignment with your chosen intention and focus.

DAY 1 – Enlightened Chamber of Karmic Absolution

DAY 2 – Enlightened Chamber of the Crystalline Blue Ray of Truth

DAY 3 – Enlightened Chamber of the Archangelic Prismic Rays

DAY 4 – Enlightened Chamber of the Archangelic Prismic Light

DAY 5 – Enlightened Chamber of the Harmonic Sounds of The Divine Mother’s Heart Flames

DAY 6 – Enlightened Chamber of the Source Frequency Illuminations

DAY 7 – Enlightened Chamber of the Harmonic Waves of Gaia

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As part of this sacred program we request that you participate in a very short digital detox.

To do this, you limit or completely eliminate inputs coming into you from the digital world. We recommend doing this for 1/2 a day, up 3 days – what ever will work for your life.

During this time you simply reduce the input you RECEIVE from computers, phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s etc.

Turning off things like notifications, alerts, staying off social media, and using devices as little as possible.

Of course if you are working this is not possible during those hours.

By limiting your digital input for a period of time you choose, this allows the pathways of energy and consciousness that you RECEIVE through, to soften and gently open.

This relaxation allows the Bless My Life Energy Team to more easily work with your Energy Body and Mind, and can potentially give you a bigger shift.

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Please know that all you RECEIVE is adjusted by your Higher Self to your unique energy body, physical body, and also to what is taking place in your life in each moment.

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Immediately after you checkout you will receive a registration notification email.

You will then receive an email on May 15. This has more information and a sacred invocation for you to speak for the Bless My Life Energy Team to activate this program.

This activation is delivered as an MP3 audio recording and will be 60-90 minutes. You will be able to simply lay down, listen, and receive the divine support with Ease and Grace.

You are invited to receive this audio recording 3 times, for the full infusion and alignment of your being to the Infinite Source of all that is, in support of your Divine Receptivity.

As always Saajz and Zalia will be available for any questions you may have.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Deepen your receiving activation

This program was divine and great for me. I find it’s so important to have a balance in life between giving and receiving and this divine support certainly helped me to be more in balance within me and with Source. With all the shifts happening atm is critical to be open and grateful to receive the amazing support that it is being given to us. Thank you Saajz and the teams for this beautiful support. Love and blessings, SS

Bernadette K.
Deepen Your Receiving - 7 Day Program

Wonderful & Magical !!!
I felt so much support and the frequency was amazing all through the 7 days.
Thank you for these very precious activations that support us to evolve (back) into the divine beings we are,

Deepen Your Receiving - 7 Day Program

A very deep program to bring more clarity and awareness and open my receptivity. This new consciousness brought me more inner peace, balance, more creativity and ideas. Much gratitude 💖

Gratitude for help deepening to receive

Very much needed support for healing receiving channels! Opening deeper and healing worthiness. So relaxing light language!

Lots of news ideas and peace

Full gratitude for this amazing support. I felt peace during the whole 7 days and was particularly inspired with lots of new ideas on a project I'm working on and could really feel a deep receiving , both on the project but also in lots of peace received.
All my love

Carol M.
Importance of gracefully receiving

What a lovely experience - to have the chance of receiving so many blessings so easily, while asleep. On the 6th day of receiving I attended a workshop on Reconnecting With Soul and we discussed how important it is for those who give a lot in their daily life, to allow themselves to receive.

Powerful insights and openings

I received from the Bless My Life energies many powerful experiences and insights into the whole concept and the many aspects of opening to "receiving'. My awareness of the completion circle of "giving and receiving" was heightened with opportunities arriving for reflection and healing past programs. Thank you for this powerful program that gave me so much energetic support that opened me to new possibilities and ways of being.

Michelle G.
Deepen your Receiving

My energy levels soared and all was accomplished with ease and grace.....not only did I experience amazing sense of wellbeing and that all in my life was upgraded I was truly on a high with newly formed fun and meaningful relationships...finacial gifts and a trip and concert interstate gifted to me from family members...totally unexpected and out of the blue. My consciousness and appreciations and physical health amplified as did my joy..... so very grateful Saajz...mere words can't express the depth. XXX



Throughly enjoyed my 7 day healing on receiving, I felt cocooned in a love bubble every night as I slept. I have noticed that I am more to new concepts and ideas for others.

Jay N.

I am so grateful for this assistance. I am blessed.