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Deepen Your Receiving – 7 Day Program

This enlightened activation will assist you to receive more love, light, connection, guidance and more in your life. MP3 recording and 7 day energy support.

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This amazing 7-day program of divine assistance is offered by donation.

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Beloved heart this sacred session has a focus on all aspects, areas, and mechanisms through which you RECEIVE energy and consciousness, i.e. everything in your life.

This includes your thoughts and emotions that are connected with receiving.

As you listen to this session’s MP3 audio recording, and RECEIVE the 7-days of divine assistance offered with it, all the energetic pathways you RECEIVE through are purified, cleared, aligned, and then activated to a new level.

This upgrade will assist you if you need to open to receiving more of the following in your life:

Receiving more positive energies
Receiving more Love
Receiving more Light
Receiving more from your Higher Self
Receiving more from those close to you
Receiving more from Humanity
Receiving more from the Angles, Archangels, Family Of Light…
Receiving more from Mother Gaia and the Earth
Receiving more from the Universe and the Unified Field of all life
Receiving more from God, Goddess, Source, Great Spirit…
Receiving more… of… everything…

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Every area of your life and inner world benefits from this Master Activation as you RECEIVE the session audio recording and the 7-days of divine assistance from Saajz with the Bless My Life Energy Team.

For 7 days and nights the Bless My Life Energy Team will be with you, infusing you with divine energies and frequencies.

The MP3 audio recording of this session will be sent to you by email with easy and simple instructions, so you can RECEIVE the highest potential benefit from this divine assistance program.

This sacred session is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of light and love languages. This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to RECEIVE powerful awakenings, activations, healings, and transformation with grace and ease.

At the end of the session we will be guiding you to RECEIVE something for yourself. This will be very helpful for you if you are someone who finds it difficult to RECEIVE guidance or direction for your life.

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As you sleep each night you will be receiving within the Enlightened Chamber Of Divinity each night for up to 3 hours.

It is offered by the Archangels and Enlightened Masters and is created by vast concentrations of enlightened energies and frequencies, and is a special form of enlightened spiritual technology.

This chamber is brought around you as you fall asleep anywhere in the world, and supports you to transform with ease and grace.

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As part of this sacred program we request that you participate in a very short digital detox.

To do this, you limit or completely eliminate inputs coming into you from the digital world. We recommend doing this for 1/2 a day, up 3 days – what ever will work for your life.

During this time you reduce the input you RECEIVE from computers, phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s etc.

Turning off things like notifications, alerts, staying off social media, and using devices as little as possible.

Of course if you are working this is not possible during those hours.

By limiting your digital input for a period of time you choose, this allows the pathways of energy and consciousness that you RECEIVE through, to soften and gently open.

This relaxation allows the Bless My Life Energy Team to more easily work with your energy body and mind, and can potentially give you a bigger shift.

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There will be a 2nd session offered within the next month “Expand Your Divine Giving” that is the balance to this session – receiving and giving.

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Please know that all you RECEIVE is adjusted by your Higher Self to your unique energy body, physical body, and also to what is taking place in your life in each moment.

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Immediately after you checkout you will receive a registration notification email.

You will then receive an email on February 28. This has more information and a sacred invocation for you to speak for the Bless My Life Energy Team to activate this program. You will also receive the MP3 audio recording download of the sacred activation session with Saajz.

As always Saajz and Zalia will be available for any questions you may have.