Higher Self Connection Sessions

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These sessions open, purify and activate your Higher Self Connection through an aspect of your Earth consciousness. Please scroll down to read the complete description.

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About Your Higher Self Connection

Your Higher Self is all of your Spirit that is in alignment with your true purpose.

The purpose of “Your Higher Self Connection” is to attune, centre, align and connect your energy and consciousness to a greater source, or universal stream that brings self empowerment, peace, love, trust and oneness to you as an experience.

As your Higher Self energy and consciousness grounds through you, and comes to Earth through your energy body you experience a transformation.

This transformation of your everyday reality is graceful and gentle. Grounding more love, peace and unity into your experience of life. It is also possible that some of your higher gifts may open and activate for you. You are unique and your experience of opening to your Higher Self is a divine mystery.

There are many levels of Higher Self Connection, as each level grounds you embody more of your Higher Self nature into your everyday Earth reality.

About the Sessions

These sessions open, purify and activate your Higher Self Connection through an aspect of your Earth consciousness.

Delivered to you as an MP3 audio recording that you download and listen to in your own time. The sessions are not given in-person or via Skype or phone.

A session recording is approximately 45 minutes and you may receive a maximum of 3 of each session type.

You can book all 3 of the series in advance (saving $) or individually:

  • Session 1 – Higher Self Connection for your Soul.
  • Session 2 – Higher Self Connection for your Energy Body.
  • Session 3 – Higher Self Connection for your Heart Gateways.

What Do You Receive

The enlightened spirit team offering these sessions are from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command, seven Masters Of Sound and Light together with many Angels, Archangels and the Enlightened Masters.

During each session the team will be activating and working with many higher forms of light and love technology.

You will also be receiving frequency during these sessions. Frequency is vast concentrations of divine energy and pure light that are often packaged in to what are called dispensations. These enlightened dispensations are held in the higher spiritual planes of light and are then brought into the Earth through linking with spiritual portals on the planet.

These dispensations are then transmitted to you during the session, directly into your energy body and chakra pillar.

Sessions like these transcend the mind and therefore do not usually contain explanation or personal guidance. I work with sacred sound and mantra for most of the session to activate what is needed by you.

Seven days of divine support is offered after you receive the session. This takes place as you sleep and is given by a team of Angels. This support assists you to integrate the high frequencies of divine energy and consciousness that you receive.

Each time you listen to your session an acceleration of your energy and consciousness will take place, as you are gracefully aligned with your Higher Self.

How Do You Receive The Sessions and Pricing

The series of three sessions together are USD $188. Individually they are USD $77.

Once you have paid for your session it will be created within 10 days and a MP3 audio recording emailed to you.

You can then listen and receive the session at a time of your choosing. You can also listen the same session more than once.

Saajz will be available on email and Facebook and will respond as best he can following the session if you need this.

If you have any question please email [email protected] or use our contact page to send a message.

May these sessions bless your Higher Self Connection.

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