The Master Blessings Of Joy

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This activation will uplift you and create a new radiance of joy through you with ease and grace. A very easy to receive session available as an MP3.

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About This Sacred Session

This activation will uplift you and create a new radiance of joy through you with ease and grace.

During this session, we will be connecting with your Spirit that is part of your greater multi-dimensional nature.

We will be bringing an enlightened balm to soothe any parts of your Spirit that may be unhappy, depressed, feeling abandoned or stuck in some way. When parts of your Spirit are having this experience your ability to live with joy here on Earth can be limited.

This sacred session brings many enlightened dispensations and forms of divine assistance to you. As you receive these, any pathways of your energy and consciousness where joy may be blocked or limited in some way, are supported to gracefully open to joy again.

As your Spirit effortlessly shifts and aligns, you then receive more joy and love from your Spirit. The world around you, your reality, then also reflects this joy and love to you.

Some of the divine dispensations and assistance offered by this session are:

1. The Joy Rays of the Divine Mothers Heart
2. The Prisms of Joy from the Pleiadian Mothers Of Love
3. The 77 Stars Of Divine Love and Joy from the Venusian Emissaries Of Love
4. The 22 Venusian Signatures of Love
5. The Sceptre Of Joy and Harmony from the Andromedan Mothers Of Love
6. The Rose Heart Of Oneness from the Archangels Of Joy
7. The Radiant Joy Tablet from Lady Isis

These dispensations and other unique frequencies are activated for you in the highest way at the time of receiving the session.

You can listen and receive this session whenever you wish. It is a session that you can receive whenever you may be feeling a little down, need an energetic lift, or would like to increase the joy you experience in life.

The Enlightened Ones presenting this session with Saajz include The Mothers Of Joy from Andromeda and the Enlightened Masters of Shambhala, The Divine Mother, Lady Isis. Together with many Enlightened Emissaries, Angels & Archangels from many different realms and the Galactic Federation Of Light.

This session will be different for you each time you receive it and can be listened to again as needed by you in the future.

May this session deeply bless you and your Spirit with Joy in all areas of your life.

33 Days Of Divine Assistance

For 33 days after this session a team of Enlightened Emissaries will be assisting you to integrate and ground all that you received.

How Will You Receive This Session

You will receive the recording by email immediately after your purchase.

This email will have more information about this session and a link to an MP3 audio download.

You will need to download the MP3 file to your computer or listen to it online.

You can then listen and receive this session at a time of your choosing.

This sacred session is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of light and love languages. This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to receive direct awakenings, activations, healings, transformation, and transcension with grace and ease.

If you use Facebook I will invite you to a private Facebook Group for you to connect and share. It is optional to participate in this.

If you would like to connect with me personally you will be able to do so within the Facebook Group or via email.

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