Sound and Light Templates

Create graceful, profound shifts in your energy and consciousness

Sound and Light Templates can assist you to create graceful, profound shifts in your energy and consciousness. They are an enlightened spiritual technology which is multi-dimensional. Containing sacred scriptures, prayers, attunements, new teachings and wisdoms.

A template is activated by gazing into the image and working with specific mantras. It is a similar concept to the Yantra and Mandala of the ancient yogis of Earth.

How Do Sound and Light Templates Work

The visual image that you see is a doorway to a templates multi-dimensional stream of enlightened energy and consciousness (frequency). This image activates your brain chemistry through the viewing of it with your eyes. This activation process then begins to open your chakras, energy body and consciousness.

Then a mantra is activated by you using your voice.

This combination of the the mantra (sound) and image (light) creates the highest potential opening to a stream of enlightened energy and consciousness.

The templates stream of divine encodements are received through your lightbody and into your energy body and chakras, gradually grounding through you into the Earth.

The encodements are safely templated through your lightbody, and when they are needed by you they activate. This creates a graceful shift when you meet initiations and experiences in your life.

This receiving process is assisted by your Soul, Higher Self, Divine Presence and the many enlightened beings who support the Sound and Light Templates.

You always receive what is in Divine Order for you at that time and in accordance to Universal Law. It is a sacred process of evolution to receive each Sound and Light Template.

They can be activated by you many times, and worked with over many years.

Having them displayed in a room raises the vibration and sacred energy of the space for all who are there.

How Is A Sound and Light Template Created

Saajz creates each template during many sessions of deep meditation and inner connection with his higher selves, Divine Presence and enlightened spirit.

Beginning with the receiving of the sacred commission for a template from spirit. Then the drawing and encoding takes place. This process can take a few weeks to over a year.

It is during this time that the Sound and Light Template is drawn, encoded and imprinted with divine frequencies from many multi-dimensional streams of enlightened energy and consciousness in alignment with a template’s purpose.

Saajz then has to integrate the templates frequency and allow time for the grounding of it’s energy and consciousness to take place. It is a sacred process that can involve other people, the Family Of Light and Mother Gaia in sacred ceremony and inner work.

If a template is meant to be distributed to humanity it is then packaged with instructions and guidelines for its use.

May the Sound and Light Templates bless and assist you deeply.

Sound and Light Template Creation

Some of the earlier Sound and Light Template work with metallic pens.

Sound and Light Template Creation

Showing the crystal grid which helps to anchor the frequency of a template as it is being drawn.